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Civic Trust Awards

At the 42nd Annual General Meeting of Ambleside Civic Trust a Certificate of Commendation was presented to Jane Renouf in recognition of the outstanding service and contribution made by her and the Library team to the wider Ambleside community. The Trust’s outgoing Chairman, Harry Manning, said that it was very fitting that he was able to make the Award as his final act as Chairman. Throughout his three years in office he had seen at first hand the valuable contribution made by the Library to Ambleside; Jane had been unstinting in her support of the Trust and he was most grateful for the help and advice he had received from Jane and her staff at the Library.

A special Community Endeavour Award was made in 2013 to Ambleside Allotment Society at Kelsick Site, for the establishment of their new venture.

The Isabel Wilson Trophy

This trophy is awarded to any structure, either Commercial or Domestic, or to any environmentally pleasing scheme which gives pleasure to the general public and is deemed to be of general improvement to the town.
The Isobel Wilson Trophy was not awarded this year.

History of the Isobel Wilson Trophy

The Trophy was first presented to Sheila’s Cottage in 1981. It is a great joy to us when a building fits in so well that people say, “Oh, we thought that it had been there forever”. More recent awards:

  • 1991 – Middleton Printers, Compston Road
  • 1995 – The Glass House Restaurant, Rydal Road
  • 1996 – The Rock Shop, North Road
  • 1997 – The Armitt, Rydal Road
  • 1998 – YHA Staff Annexe, Waterhead
  • 2001 – Stewart Cunningham, Rydal Road
  • 2004 – Langdale & Ambleside Mountain Rescue Low Fold Base
  • 2006 – Ambleside Parish Centre – still weathering!
  • 2007 – Wesley Court (the old Methodist Church)
  • 2010 – Mill Cottage, Rydal Road
  • 2011 – The Regent Hotel Front Entrance
  • 2012 – Zeffirellis – external seating area

The Leslie Johnson Trophy for Craftsmanship

In 2008 we recognised that there is a need to foster and recognise Craftsmanship of all types even in quite small projects. Leslie Johnson, past Chairman and for many years Honary Secretary of Ambleside Civic Trust, kindly presented us with a new Trophy “To recognise and reward Craftsmanship, using mainly natural materials within Lakes Parish Council in both traditional and modern design, with especial emphasis on promoting the continuation of traditional Lakeland skill.”

History of the Leslie Johnson Trophy

  • 2009 – Macquarrie, Lake Road
  • 2010 – The Epicentre, Compston Road
  • 2011 – The Parish Church interior reconstruction
  • 2012 – Jamie Hardy Joinery Services Ltd