Ambleside Civic Trust

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Officers and Committee

Chairman  Email
Vice Chairman Vacant
Hon Secretary Vicky Bracegirdle,
Hon Treasurer Terry Clark, 13 Stockghyll Court, Ambleside LA22 OQX
Membership Secretary Terry Clark, 13 Stockghyll Court, Ambleside, LA22 0QX Email
Committee members David Stothard
Tim Brown
Rose Lord
Luke Steer

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are held in the Library at 7.15 pm on the 3rd Tuesday in every month. Members are very welcome to attend and to make their contribution. Alternatively a suggestion box is in the Library entrance. All suggestions are welcome, and are always considered carefully by the committee.

As always, we are very indebted to our faithful Area Stewards who generously give their time to distribute Civic Trust communications and collect Members´ subscriptions.

Privacy Policy

1. Ambleside Civic Trust (ACT) will collect only personal data of members as is required for membership of the trust. It will be kept on paper and on private computers held or used by members of the committee.
2. Personal data may be communicated to other members of the committee for ACT purposes only or to HMRC in connection with Gift Aid but will not be communicated to third parties unless the member concerned has given express consent.
3. Personal data is held by ACT in order to inform members of events or activities organised by ACT or of closely related activities.
4. Personal data will be deleted as soon as reasonably possibly after membership has ended, taking into account legal requirements, for example as required by HMRC for Gift Aid purposes.
5. Members may ask to see and correct if necessary their personal data by contacting the membership secretary.
Approved by the ACT Committee 21 August 2018