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Civic Trust Projects for the Improvement of our Town
Ongoing and Future Projects
  • Improvement of the streetscape of Market Square.
  • More appropriate lighting in King Street.
  • Raise public awareness of the Roman Fort and encourage the appropriate authorities to make it a more attractive site to visit
  • The Civic Trust receives all planning applications for Ambleside and passes on to the National Park such comments as it thinks might be helpful in their decision making.
Past Projects

We have been very prominent in the various Controversies, such as the Bus Station re-development, the ongoing determination of Sustrans to push the Kendal to Keswick section of the Strategic Cycle Route through the centre of Ambleside, and the Enquiries into the Lake Windermere 10 mph Speed Limit. During our 32 years of service we have considered and commented on every Planning Application affecting our town. We have helped in the modification of many unsuitable applications and acknowledged, on an annual basis, good projects which enhance the town through our Isabel Wilson Environment Awards.

In the majority of cases we have acted as a catalyst to encourage action and to source funding and initiatives. In every case we have encouraged donations by committing the investment of our own limited funds. Here are some examples:-

  • AMBLESIDE CONSERVATION AREA – The Trust was consulted by the Park Authority on recent extensions of the Ambleside Conservation Area
  • BROCKHOLE VISITOR CENTRE – The Trust has provided input into the proposed developments at Brockhole
  • STOCKGHYLL PARK – Planting of daffodils etc.
  • HOW HEAD – Planting of trees and daffodils – provision of seats and general improvement.
  • WATERHEAD – Planting of daffodils on bank on approach to the town.
  • BRIDGE STREET – Civic Trust Award for the streetscape improvements from North Road through to Rydal Road.
  • HERALD YARD – Similar improvements to the surfacing of a very neglected area.
  • THE 55 STEPS – In association with the National Park Authority to improve and enhance the steps leading from Lake Road to the Gale. Planting and maintenance over the years by our working parties here and in other parts of our Community.
  • COMMUNITY NOTICE BOARDS – provided and maintained at Lake Road, King Street, and Bridge Street for community announcements. Including also an on-going voluntary system over many years to keep the boards tidy and in good repair and to remove Commercial advertising and outdated notices.
  • THE BRONWEN NIXON FOOTBRIDGE – Campaigned and Secured donations and funding to facilitate this important project to provide a safe river crossing for pedestrians south of the Rothay Bridge.
  • STREET SIGNS PROJECT – Identification of all the Victorian and Edwardian cast metal street name plates in the town. Cleaning and repainting all 34 in association with S.L.D.C.
  • STREET NAME PLATES – Replacement of various tatty modern signs with more appropriate replica cast metal plates. New name plates at Edinboro and also at the top of Sweden Bridge Lane.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT – Ground breaking survey of 29 streets in the whole of the Conservation Area to identify problems and encourage improvements. Methodology copied by other Civic Societies. Various businesses “shamed” into looking hard at how they could improve their properties.
  • SIGNAGE IN STOCKGHYLL LANE – Paid for repainting of Victorian cast metal direction plate and installation of new direction sign “To the Waterfalls”.
  • ROTHAY BRIDGE – Funded repainting of old signage on the bridge – including cast metal Ambleside Urban District Council boundary sign.
  • OLD FINGER POSTS – Paid for cleaning and repainting of old finger posts at Under Loughrigg and at Vicarage Road.
  • MILE PLAQUES – Identification, cleaning and funding repainting of plaques set in walls at Waterhead, Rydal Road and Rydal Reading Room.
  • FINGER POSTS PROJECT – Installation of five directional finger posts to help our visitors.
  • MILLENNIUM HERITAGE TRAIL – Identification of a Heritage Trail around our Town. Erection of four Interpretation Plaques. Writing and printing a “user-friendly” Heritage Trail leaflet for sale at many outlets throughout the town. Commissioned 14 drawings by Simon Kent, now deposited with The Armitt. Ongoing service to keep the outlets stocked with leaflets. To date over 11,000 leaflets sold as a service to our visitors and at modest profit to our funds.
  • THE OLD MILL GARDEN – 5 years rescue and maintenance work by our volunteers. Now sadly ended. KING STREET CAR PARK – Encouraging the improvement after many years of neglect. Working with S.L.D.C and various other funding bodies. Provision of a craftsman designed Notice Board on this site backed by a Town Map specially drawn by Simon Kent. Secured the capping of 25 oak bollards with brushed stainless steel to enhance and protect.
  • PEGGY HILL ENHANCEMENTS -With Lakes Parish Council and LDNPA.
  • LITTER BINS PROJECT -Working with S.L.D.C to standardise litter bins in the town and to obtain sponsorship from Business and other bodies. Locally produced stainless steel coats of arms and sponsorship plaques on 34 bins.