Golden Rule

Smithy Brow, Ambleside
Cumbria LA22 9AS
015394 32257

John & Margaret Lockley


The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

With more Camra Good Beer Guide entries than any other pub in Cumbria, the Golden Rule is a popular place for locals and visitors alike. It boasts a fine bank of Gaskell & Chambers pumps dispensing Robinson’s Hatters Mild, Old Stockport Bitter, Best Bitter, Hartleys XB and Fredericks, also Guinness and lagers.


The Landlord

The Landlord

Pork pies and scotch eggs are available plus a choice of rooms and a sun trap patio (although it will either rain or go dark before closing time).

There are no machines, no pool, no jukebox, no bar meals.
The only noise is lively conversation and thus the pub attracts those who like to talk with their beer and hear the replies. Regulars include local people from all walks of life, students, visiting climbers, walkers and the occasional celebrity.
Yes, you will hear as much, if not more rubbish spoken here as any pub in England!
Feel free to contribute more.

There are only two known pubs in Britain called the Golden Rule. One is in Edinburgh and one is in Ambleside
The question is – what is the Golden Rule?

  • for the religious – “do unto others as you would do unto yourself”

    Inside the pub, from an original oil painting by Julian Cooper

  • for the underdog – “he who has the gold rules”
  • for the sceptic – “the golden rule is that there is no golden rule”
  • for the landlord – “a load of hard work”
  • for the local and the visitor – “a very good pub!”



Whatever your answer, you are welcome at ‘The Rule’ and we hope you enjoy it.

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