To make up for the cancellation of the Ambleside Horticultural & Craft Society’s Summer Produce and Craft Show and to celebrate National Allotments Week, Ambleside Allotments Association held a ‘virtual and real show’, most of the entries being by photographs of the produce grown at Ambleside’s allotments up Stock Ghyll Lane. The eleven judged classes (including funniest vegetable, finest basket of produce and tastiest thing to eat raw) were won by eight different plot-holders, who received packets of seeds as prizes. The ‘Best Plot of All’ class, voted for by members, was shared between Mike Donald and Harry Shuell/Lucy Finch. As one plot-holder commented, “It shows we are involved with some fantastic produce and products and it’s also great to be a part of a community of really great gardeners, growers and producers.”Anyone willing to donate any small hand tools (not garden tools), basic engineering bits, paint brushes, tool boxes or small electrical power tools is asked to contact Richard Beskeen at Grasmere Tools for Self Reliance on 015394 35131. The Charity restores and reconditions tools to support rural communities and tradespeople in Africa, helping some of the poorest people on the planet to become self sufficient by equipping them with the tools they need to earn a livelihood.BBC TV’s ‘Antiques Roadshow’ is filming later this year at Windermere’s Jetty Museum before an invited audience only, because of Covid-19 restrictions. Crowds of up to five thousand are often attracted to wherever the Roadshow is filming, but to comply with Covid regulations the series will be filmed on a closed set with a small invited audience only, to ensure the safety of guests, the production team and the wider public. People are asked to write in advance about any objects of interest they may have by going to where they will find a ‘Share Your Story’ form in which they can fill out details of their treasures. The producers are looking for items which are a bit of a mystery to the owners – these may not necessarily be valuable objects but should have a real story behind them. Some of Roadshow’s most fascinating objects included a Faberge flower ornament worth a million pounds, a hand-written document signed by Elizabeth I and a leather jacket worn by John F. Kennedy. Many items featured on Roadshow turn up in extraordinary places, including a vanity set from Donald Trump’s yacht found in a charity shop, and diamond jewellery sewn into a sofa. The production team said: “If you have family treasures or a car boot bargain that you would like us to have a look at, let us know now. We could be inviting you on the Show to find out if that mystery object is actually worth a fortune!” Find the Windermere Jetty listing on the Roadshow website and fill in the details on the ‘’Share Your Story’ form. Items should be submitted as soon as possible.Peter McCall, Cumbria’s Police and Crime  Commissioner  wants to hear local people’s ideas and suggestions for policing the county. To comply with Covid-19 restrictions, he will arrange various focus group meetings with a number of community groups across the county to listen to their views, both positive or negative about policing in Cumbria. Anyone with a group that would like to hold an online Teams meeting conversation with Peter McCall please email