ENRICH and enhance your experience of our unique community! First hand, relevant, amusing and practical info, from local people who know. The Gruff Guide takes you beyond the mundane listings of hotels, B&B’s and attractions into the hidden psyche of this fascinating community with it’s dark secrets and repressed passions.
It talks about pubs, shops, walks, hill farming, wildlife, sports and landscape.
It describes little known buildings and places and discusses famous residents from the past. It also quotes first-hand memories of local people born as far back as 1880, describing events, their jobs and their daily lives.
The Gruff Guide will bring you right up to date, outlining some of the issues which affect us today.
There are also wonderful contributions by Dr Paul Davies of Ambleside Health Centre.
With witty illustrations and delightful drawings, this is a book for all who love or want to learn about the REAL Ambleside. ISBN 978 0 9957257 0 6

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250 pages – fits in your pocket

Price: £9.99. (UK only) with post free shipping  (card or Paypal)