Lakeland Disability Support

We aim to support people with physical disability by making one-off grants to relieve their disability and improve their quality of life.

  • Typical grants lie in the region of £200 to £5,000. They may contribute to the cost of respite care, special education, garden access, or equipment such as electric scooters, special chairs or computers.
  • We do not fund on-going care or items of a repetitive nature; but second grants for different purposes may be considered if justified.
  • Applications should be based on genuine need and not be available from NHS, Social Services, other specialised disability charity, or the applicant’s own resources.
  • Before making a grant we require a written application from, or on behalf of, the disabled person.
  • Applications may be made by properly constituted bodies acting on behalf of groups of disabled people.
  • Applications should be supported by an impartial reference from an unrelated person, e.g. a carer, doctor, or social worker. (N.B. we do not make grants directly to carers.)
  • We will independently check the authenticity of applications.
  • Applications are considered quarterly in March, June, September and December of each year.

Information and Application Form (pdf) or contact:
The LDS Correspondent, 46 Victoria Road North, Windermere,LA23 2DS